360centre360 doors will soon open!

On behalf of the merchants of 240 Sparks, we would like to welcome the Multidisciplinary Therapy Centre 360centre360, which will open its doors officially on September 29th, 2016.

In advance of their opening, Olympic Bronze Medallist Natasha Watcham-Roy and friends are stopping by 240 Sparks to see the construction progress of 360centre360.

If you wish to congratulate a decorated Canadian Olympian, Natasha will be on site to wish 360centre360 founders, Duncan McNaughton and Jenn Bushell, good luck on their opening. Duncan and Jenn have participated in Natasha’s athletic and Olympic journey both from a training and treatment perspective.

Natasha and a few other athletes will be visiting 240 Sparks on Thursday, September 8th between 11:30 A.M -1:30 P.M. Please feel free to stop by to welcome Natasha back from Rio and congratulate her and the Canadian Women’s Rugby Team on taking the bronze medal in Women’s Rugby.

360centre360 is a multidisciplinary therapy centre which offers Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic and Athletic Therapy treatments with services in both English and French. 360centre360 is an accessible environment for Canadians that want to move towards a healthier state of being and achieve a higher quality of life. Our practitioners and staff have experience with each of these levels of physicality and fitness. The core values are still the same: Find the cause of injury and treat the source, improve your movement patterns and implement small, effective changes that restore your health and improve your life.

Our registered practitioners have specifically been chosen for 360centre360 and they have aligned treatment philosophies. Every client at 360centre360 is treated as an athlete – whatever their definition of athlete is. Whether that be fit enough to play soccer with children, committed enough to run a marathon or athletic enough to win your age group on a triathlon or perform at the Olympics.

360centre360 is now taking appointment bookings.
Book online at www.360center360.ca.


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